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Birkman Career Plus profiling: “Building Self–Awareness”

Psychometric assessment is recognised today as a key step in the career planning process. The Birkman profiler is one of the best ways to answer all your career questions, whether you are wondering what course or career to pursue, are looking for your first job or considering changing job roles.  Once you understand your innate preferences, skills and behaviours, you can build your career goals around them.

The Career Plus profile will enable you to build your self-awareness, so you can make a well-informed decision. This assessment is a reflective process that helps you to understand your psychological profile and thereby develop a career plan that prioritises personal satisfaction and success. Our clients find the profiler incredibly valuable in helping them to refine their job search.

The Birkman Method has global recognition and is backed up by over 60 years of scientific research and application to millions of users. This intensive research-led system means that the Birkman Method has the most advanced algorithm of any comparable psychometric test. This ensures it provides accurate and valuable insights and conclusions.

The Birkman Career Plus Method measures and reports on your:

  • Occupational interests
  • Natural behavioural traits
  • Natural talents and abilities
  • Thinking style   
  • Motivations and needs
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Preferred work environments

Our Birkman consultation process follows these three simple steps:

1. You will first complete an online questionnaire that will help us analyse your psychological career profile. This will take you around 25 minutes and provides us with everything we need to understand your career motivations, needs, and skills, and will give us the insight to tailor our service directly to you.

2. You then schedule a personal feedback session with Paddy Mahon to help you to interpret your outcomes and understand what they mean for your career. This can take place both online or in person, depending on your preference and availability.

3. Based on the results and your personal needs and preferences, we will then plan a range of additional careers coaching exercises, to further help you to benefit from your Birkman insights and discoveries. These exercises vary according to personal circumstances. We offer career guidance and recruitment skills training directly tailored to whether you are an Undergraduate, Graduate or if you are going through Job Transition. More can be learnt about these on the respective webpages.

In summary, the Birkman profile and professional coaching feedback will give you a deeper understanding of yourself. This is the best way to help you identify the career options that are your best fit and hold the highest potential for your success, happiness, and wellbeing. Your report can help confirm the career choices and course selections you are making, show you alternative career choices and build your personal awareness of your strengths. It can provide an unprecedented knowledge of the motivators and working environments that will help you succeed.

The purpose of the Birkman analysis is not to limit your career exploration.  The profile and comprehensive report that you will receive, along with the other exercises and feedback sessions covered by Paddy, will enable you to develop a targeted yet flexible range of career strategies.

Working out the interests, skills and needs you have, then matching them to different jobs, can open up career options that you may never have thought of to date, and inspire new career motivation.

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Using the Birkman Career Management Plus Profile

You are unique. Your interests, behaviours and needs define who you are and inform how you are motivated. Imagine the possibilities if you were able to clearly communicate not only your skills, but also your most effective behaviours to ensure you always achieve elevated performance.

Career Management Plus examines your relational characteristics from multiple angles and uses this information to highlight key career areas that will provide you with the greatest potential for success. The first portion of your report explores five important dimensions of who you are:

  • Areas of Interests: best defined simply as what you like, and the activities you prefer.
  • Strengths: this will explain how you relate to the world around you, and the positive behaviours other people see in you.
  • Motivational Needs: this is the support you need from others and the environment around you in order to do your best.
  • Stress Behaviour: the negative, reactionary behaviour you display when you are frustrated, and your motivational needs are not met.
  • Ideal Work Environment: this is the type of environment that offers the most ideal fit for your working style. This is based on how you approach your work, formulate solutions and what you value within an

This is followed by a detailed profile analysis comparing your degree of match to successful individuals in various ‘Job Families’ and ‘Job Titles’.

Looking at the broad areas of work that best suit you is an important first step when planning your career or thinking of making changes to your career path. If you can find an environment that suits your interests and needs, you will be happier and more successful in what you do.  

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